Vitamin D Shot

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Vitamin D has the potential to improve coronavirus resistance and health outcomes in individuals with sufficient levels of the vitamin, but studies show that 50% of people worldwide are vitamin D deficient. Vitamin D is also known for improving mood regulation, reducing pain, maintaining strong bones, and regulating neuromuscular function. Eliminate vitamin D deficiencies with our high-dose vitamin D shot.

Vitamin D deficiency is incredibly common in the US, and impacts over 50% of the world. However, this deficiency is completely avoidable - especially with a swift injection of our high-dose Vitamin D shot, which takes less than a minute.

A vitamin D deficiency can lead to thin or brittle bone which is dangerous and can lead to further injuries. However, receiving a sufficient dose of Vitamin D regularly can strengthen the bone from the inside, as well as additional benefits that improve mood, reduce pain and regulate neuromuscular function. If you’re noticing fatigue, bone pain or even muscle weakness and mood changes, Vitamin D is a good fit to get you back to your true self with a fast application and no recovery time.

At the center of your being is your bones - taking care of them and avoiding this prevalent deficiency keeps you active, and fully engaged in your daily life, and the benefits definitely strengthen the case for this essential vitamin to significantly reduce signs of fatigue, weak muscles or sudden changes in mood.


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