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Ready for the plump, full lip you’ve always wanted? Our “Lip Flip” service is the perfect custom solution with swift, natural-looking results. Rather than using an invasive approach, a flip uses a targeted application of Botox® or Dysport® , to relax the muscles around the mouth, specifically the top lip, and then give the lip a gracious curve to create the appearance of a full, sexy lip. Combined with dermal fillers, a Lip Flip achieves notably fuller lips in an enticing shape that’s perfect for your natural face shape and mouth.

This subtle approach to an updated lip is large enough to make a difference in your look, but not so drastic as to draw questions, and produces organic-looking results approximately 5-7 days after the treatment. After the end result, the best part of the Lip Flip treatment is that it requires almost no recovery or down-time, unlike some of the more inconvenient and pricier surgical approaches. While the effect of the Lip does require touch-ups approximately every three months to maintain the ideal lip curve for your face, our certified team of trusted medical professionals makes your visit to Spruce for regimental treatments a breeze to schedule and maintain.

If you’re ready for a natural-looking update to your lips, a Lip Flip from Spruce is the right approach. Our team takes a consultative approach to your Lip Flip, using our expertise as highly trained medical personnel to achieve the results you want. During the consultation and application, we also answer any questions about the process or other services that may augment and enhance your Lip Flip during your visit at our comfortable and curated lounge.


Contact us to schedule your Lip Flip appointment at Spruce’s aesthetics + infusion bar. Booking online is simple and lets you easily add-on services for a well-rounded visit for a re-energized you!


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