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A furrowed brow is a universal sign of displeasure - and certainly not the look anyone wants. However, the brows on the human face are a combination of muscle groups that react together in unison to convey the full range of the human experience. As a result, while we may not feel like we’ve worked out the brows as a muscle group, we’re used to furrowing, raising and everything in between, and they can start to show the signs of movement as we age. With the help of a certified medical professional, relaxing these muscles can create a more youthful and ideal brow shape.

One of the most popular Botox® or Dysport® treatments, brow injections can do more than relax the muscles around the brow; they can also allow an experienced aesthetician, like those at Spruce, to shape and define the brow line for dynamic results. With various muscles underneath the brow, Botox® or Dysport® relaxes the muscles to release tension that creates lines or causes angry-looking furrows. With a trained hand, both the shaping and restoration of the tranquil brow line is possible, with results visible in a few days and in full effect in approximately two weeks, with no downtime for recovery, no scarring and non surgical invasion. Results are not permanent, but can be up-kept with a schedule of regular visits quarterly.

If you’re ready for a natural-looking solution to your brow line, a targeted Botox® or Dysport® treatment from Spruce is certainly the right approach. Our experienced medical staff guide every step of your treatment to answer any questions, as well as ensure your comfort and confidence from start to finish. From suggesting other treatments that may complement your scheduled appointment and explaining the process, or anything in between, our experts are happy to elaborate.

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