Frequently Asked Questions

See below for answers to the questions we are most commonly asked at Spruce.
1How were the ingredients for IV and oral therapy chosen?
Intravenous therapies were based on the idea of insuring adequate hydration and the scientific rationale of ensuring adequate baseline levels of vitamins, minerals, and anti-oxidants. Oral therapies were based on clinical trials that demonstrated effectiveness compared to no treatment or placebo.
2Are your treatments given before or after an event or activity?
Both, depending on the condition. Some are used just before an event, like optimizing memory before a test, while others are to promote overall wellness after an activity, like pain after unexpected exertion or athletic injury. Some are designed to work best when given before and after a stress, for example, intervention before and after a long flight to address jet lag.
3Will I feel better right after my treatment?
For many conditions, yes, especially those treating dehydration or vitamin and mineral deficiencies. Some packages are meant to be preventive, and help you avoid symptoms that inhibit your lifestyle.
4Are the IVs and other ingredients safe?
Yes, the majority of ingredients are intended either to replace natural molecules or are medications that have been used for years with low risk. However, it is still possible that on a very rare occasion a client could have a bad reaction to one of the ingredients.
5Why take vitamins by IV rather than by mouth?
Our therapy is not intended to replace the benefits of a good, consistent, well-balanced diet that includes adequate vitamins and minerals. However, IV therapy is more efficient in terms of rapid delivery of vitamins and minerals to insure adequate levels, either before an event where these molecules are important or after an event where they might become depleted.
6Are some people not good candidates for IV and oral therapy?
Some of the ingredients we use can accumulate more rapidly if your kidneys or liver do not work properly. We will ask you questions about your health, and there are some people who because of there medical conditions might not benefit from our therapy.
7How long does it take to receive an IV?
Typically, the IV will run in over an hour. Look at this as a good time to relax and reduce stress.
8How often can I get an IV?
There are no hard and fast limits to either how many or how frequently IVs and our other therapies can be given. However, most of our packages are coordinated with an event, such as a ski holiday or global trip, and that will determine the proper timing of administration.
9Who administers the IV?
All of our IVs are placed and ingredients given by licensed medical personnel who are dedicated to safe and efficient service.
10Does receiving IV therapy hurt?
There will be a brief pinprick when the IV is placed, but other than that, there is minimal discomfort involved.
11Do you take insurance or Care Credit?
At this time, we do not take insurance. However, we do offer Care Credit.
12Where can I receive my IV?
You can visit us in our luxurious aesthetics + infusion bar in Salt Lake City, or we can deliver infusion services in any clean environment, including homes, businesses, hotels, spas, and even outdoors!
13Can you administer to groups?
Yes. We give discounts for larger groups are happy to tailor our offerings to a specific group.