Vitamin C

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Sick of taking Vitamin C pills every day? Stop by for a high-dose Vitamin C infusion instead. This essential nutrient has significant antioxidant properties and is critical for fighting off illness, wound healing, collagen synthesis and overall skin health. It can improve skin coloring, immune function, cellular function and general aches and pains – even Fibromyalgia. We recommend treatment monthly.

Everyone knows that Vitamin C is one of the best nutrients available for a wealth of fixes and preventative care.

With visible changes that boast fast effects, this antioxidant-rich vitamin keeps many illnesses at bay, as well as provides a significant boost to the healing of wounds, and improves overall skin health. With properties that include collagen synthesis for evening the color of your skin, and overall skin health, Vitamin C also improves cellular function and alleviates general aches and pains - even the deep musculoskeletal pain associated with Fibromyalgia.

This may all sound too good to be true, but it’s backed by science and the myriad types of over-the-counter solutions of sickeningly sweet orange and citrus flavor have the shelf space to prove it. But why bother with a solution that dissolves and dilutes when it enters your digestive system? IV therapies provide absolute absorption, meaning that you receive the full breadth of benefits that these essential nutrients provide and nothing less.


For improved skin quality and repair, as well as immunity-boosting results, book your appointment at Spruce today. Our professionally trained medical staff are amply equipped to advise on IV therapies and injections to maximize your health benefits while still fulfilling the results you seek, with options for mobile treatment as well as well-appointed aesthetics + infusion bar.


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