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Your face is so much more than your calling card - it’s a reflection of how vibrant and youthful you feel. As we age and overcome various stressors, the skin on our faces naturally reflects our life experiences. But a life well-lived doesn’t mean the skin of your face should age you.

While some opt for serious invasive surgery to counter the natural effects of life, the proven results of Polydioxanone (PDO) Thread Lifts are significantly less burdensome. PDO Thread Lifts appear natural, with a history of surgical applications and benefits that don’t just tighten and lift, but also promote the efficient production of collagen. Collagen, which is already found in the body’s tissues, contributes to brighter, fresher skin by promoting the natural elasticity that is inherent in the body’s cells. Additionally, these protein-based threads accelerate the natural formation of new blood cells through a process called neovascularization.

A PDO thread lift is minimally invasive, and is typically performed in about 45 minutes - making it easy to schedule in your active life. The process uses an extremely thin medical grade thread, which is inserted into the target area before it is connected to another area to pull the skin taut for an outcome that appears natural. These threads and results last approximately six months, with the thread dissolving naturally into the skin to stimulate collagen and blood cell production for skin that is supple and glowing.

Some clients may experience mild to light bruising for the 24-48 hours following the procedure, and are able to leave the appointment with no down time. Before and after your PDO thread lift treatment, we advise abstaining from alcohol and tobacco usage for 5-7 days for peak results and to avoid dislodging the thread post-treatment.

Ready for a fresh-faced lift without surgery? Our licensed and experienced medical professionals at Spruce are here to guide your refresh in our tranquil and refined aesthetics + infusion bar.

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