Custom Crafted IV Cocktail

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A custom-crafted cocktail for your specific needs. Please call for details.

Your body is unique, and the way you pamper, recover or maintain your natural glow and health should be too.

This exact reason is why the team at Spruce is proud to offer made-to-order IV drips that address and solve your health and wellness needs. Our infusion team specializes in pain relief and a variety of aesthetic approaches to anti-aging and skin, hair and nails, which are prime indicators of your body’s health. We also tailor IVs that boost immunity and refill your energy reserves, in addition to specific vitamin-forward cocktails.

We’re science-forward with everything we do at Spruce, and our team takes a holistic approach to developing the best fit for your needs - taking goals, sensitivities and past treatments into consideration to ensure the success of your treatment.


If more than one of these IV drips is appealing to you, contact our team for a truly custom cocktail that fits your individual needs in full. With treatments administered from our premier aesthetics + infusion bar, we’re fully equipped to craft the perfect blend for you and provide treatment in-lounge or to deliver your solution to your home, workspace or another venue for maximum convenience. Feeling your best is just a short IV Drip appointment away!


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