Sciton Joule™ X Laser Treatment

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Achieve clear and firm skin with Spruce’s Sciton Joule™ X Laser Treatments. We now offer four types of laser treatments to safely tighten skin, clear acne, remove unwanted hair, and even provide skin resurfacing for our Salt Lake City clients.

This advanced form of laser technology improves the skin’s appearance in many ways. Tired of acne? The Joule™ X uses BroadBand Light (BBL) to effectively remove both deep and surface level acne. Want a more youthful look? The SkinTyte™ laser treatment tightens and firms skin by promoting collagen growth. Need to get rid of unwanted hair? These innovative lasers target hair follicles to reduce hair growth in unwanted areas.

At Spruce, we pride ourselves on using the most cutting-edge technology, with practices backed by science that is tested and true.

The Sciton mJoule™ X embodies cutting-edge laser tech for a versatile approach to multiple treatment needs. With applications that include tightening skin, reducing unwanted hair and the appearance of acne, as well as skin resurfacing, the Sciton mJoule™ X does it all. Harnessing the precision of IPL (Intense Pulsed Light), this technology emits short pulses that can heat hair follicles for optimal removal, heat the collagen within the skin to stimulate growth - reducing the appearance of acne, resurfacing blemishes or even spotty skin, as well as tightening the skin to a more supple texture.

Sciton leads the way for IPL aesthetic treatments, which is why we’re proud to use the most in-demand and revolutionary technology to deliver the best results to our clients. With heating technology and sapphire cooling components, the Sciton mJoule™ X is not only best-in-class, but also comfortable for clients to use, setting the industry standard in laser technology.


Book today for results that last and comfort that is unparalleled in aesthetic laser treatments. Our staff of trained medical professionals are experienced in all uses of the Sciton mJoule™ X , assuring that you achieve the results you seek.

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Offering laser treatment services in Salt Lake City, Holladay & Surrounding Areas.


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