Hangover Relief

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Enjoy relief from a big night out with this combination of electrolytes. amino acids and an anti-inflammatory agent. Is your nausea so bad that you can’t keep anything down? Ask to add on an IV push of an antiemetic to speed up your nausea relief.

A night out is always filled with potential by spending time with friends, family or even co-workers. Don’t let the morning after take away from the activities and fond memories of the day before.

After an evening of over-indulgence, one of the most common symptoms is classic dehydration - the sugars in alcohol absorb and remove much of your body’s water, which is needed to keep your system moving as it should. Combined with electrolytes, amino acids, and an anti-inflammatory agent, your body will thank you as you recoup with our Hangover Relief IV.

When imbibing, your body’s absorption of essential electrolytes and amino acids slows down significantly. Incorporating an IV of these much-needed nutrients not only rehydrates, but also returns key bodily functions to normal activity - stirring them from their slowed state is a mandatory step on your return to yourself. Additionally, overindulgence can sometimes create a “red-faced” appearance, which our anti-inflammatory helps combat, in addition to supporting pain relief throughout the body.


If you’re also feeling a bit nauseous, our team of trained medical professionals is more than ready to boost your hangover relief with an antiemetic to settle the stomach while your full-body recovery is underway. Can’t make it into our relaxing aesthetics + infusion bar for treatment? We’ll bring the recovery and relief to you through our mobile services, where our friendly professionals are dispatched to your location.


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