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As we age, one of the most noticeable changes we see in our face is the loss of definition and volume in the jawline. As collagen production decreases and metabolisms slow, adjusting the aging process to reflect your true age is easier than ever.

Your ideal jawline refresh can be accomplished with a well-placed dermal filler; an injection performed by a trained medical professional. By applying a filler composed of hyaluronic acid, an acid naturally produced in the skin, your jawline not only receives support, but hydration. While the filler can add structure to your profile, the hyaluronic acid inside hydrates to achieve taut, plumper-looking skin that radiates. With plumper, brighter looking skin and a strategic addition to your jaw, your facial profile will achieve the results you desire.

Our team at Spruce provides a full consultation process to discuss placement, concerns and your goal of dermal filler to achieve the most dynamic end-result with a natural finish. Whether you’re looking to fight the effects of aging, provide definition to your jaw or even balance an asymmetrical jawline, you’re in great hands with the team at Spruce.

With results that can last 6-24 months, this treatment is an effective way to maintain your look on a flexible schedule. With this non-invasive approach, after your consultation and treatment, you’re on your way. While some clients may temporarily experience slight swelling, your results are immediate and ready to show the world.


Ready to see a more defined jawline? A dermal filler treatment is just a few steps away. Contact Spruce today to arrange your consultation and treatment, where trained medical experts guide you through the entire process to ensure satisfaction with your visit. With treatments taking place in our refined aesthetics + infusion bar, you can rest assured of your comfort throughout your entire visit.


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