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One of the first steps to having and keeping truly healthy skin is a well-executed skincare routine that treats all target areas of your skin with the individual care it needs.

Founded and created by Dr. Zein Obagi, a world-renowned dermatologist, ZO® Skin Health is a premiere line of skincare products that is designed to fight aging skin, naturally brighten your youthful glow and treat & prevent acne for all skin types, ethnicities, ages and even skin conditions.

With this comprehensive and inclusive approach, ZO® Skin Health is a top-tier product we’re pleased to offer on location in Spruce’s luxe aesthetics + infusion bar as a ZO® Authorized Physician.

Aligned with Spruce’s science-first approach, ZO® Skin Health continues to advance the technology that makes their products so effective, and doesn't bow to trends, but rather, stays true to the fact-based truths surrounding preventative, curative and therapeutic skin treatments. ZO® Skin Health is a superior product we’ve made available to our clients that aligns with our values and that delivers phenomenal results to help you love your skin the way it deserves.

Exclusive formulas, unique delivery systems and the latest advances in skin therapy technologies lay the foundations for this line of products that are best-in-class for every stage of your skincare regimen, regardless of skin type, age, ethnicity or even skin conditions. Treat your skin to elevated care with these exclusive and select products that will help your skin radiate health.

Ask our staff of trained medical professionals about the full line of products during your next treatment or consultation, and we’ll be happy to help curate a product or regimen of ZO® that best suits your body, needs and regimen to produce a vibrant skin glow that’ll turn heads.


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