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Spruce is Salt Lake City’s premier aesthetics + infusion bar. For a refreshed and revitalized take on your natural beauty and energy, look no further. Our staff of best-in-class aestheticians, nurses, and medical professionals specialize in making you look and feel young and vibrant. Our spa-like aesthetics and IV therapy lounge brings the best parts of beauty and health together to maintain and brighten your glow. With a wide variety of cutting-edge treatments and technologies, you can rest assured you’re in the best care for your pampered wellness routine and regimen.


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Perhaps you’re looking to add some additional definition to your profile through our best-in-class dermal filler solutions or are interested in what our Sciton mJoule laser can do to improve your overall skin quality.

Whether high-tech aesthetics treatments like hydrafacials, chemical peels and advanced microneedling, specially formulated IV infusions and vitamin shots, or high-end ZO® Skin Health products, Spruce has everything you need to feel and look your best.


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Hair Restoration

Get Thicker, Fuller Hair

Maintain your crown with advanced Microneedling. This non-invasive approach to regaining and maintaining luscious locks that look natural has never been easier or more convenient. Our cutting edge treatment activates the natural benefits of your own skin’s collagen to accelerate the healing strength you already have. With a full, thick head of hair, your confidence is a sure thing, and our team of certified medical professionals are experts at producing results. Relax in our sophisticated aesthetics + infusion bar as our staff guides you through your best options and treatment itinerary to achieve luxuriously full hair. Worrying about false promises from over-the-counter products and highly invasive procedures is now a thing of the past as you move forward with a truly scientific solution. Say goodbye to thinning or wispy hair and say hello to your true you as you notice hair retention and hair regrowth throughout your series of scheduled appointments.

Learn more about this
incredible service.

Learn more about this
incredible service.

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