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One of the most distinct spans of the face, a strong jawline sets a profile apart. By giving the face a defined sense of structure, and reducing the appearance of aging or weight-gain, a strong jawline is envied by all.

You too can have a jawline that’s the envy of your peers and also restores confidence from within. Through the deliberate placement and injection of dermal fillers, your natural jawline can be enhanced from chin to jaw, providing more volume and structure, all while looking natural.

Dermal fillers are a safer, significantly less invasive alternative to surgery and utilize a solution of hyaluronic acid, which is found naturally within the skin. Hyaluronic acid provides hydration to the skin while the solution itself provides the volume that makes dermal fillers so dynamic. Performed by certified medical professionals, dermal filler injections don’t require any recovery time and are performed in the soothing and luxe atmosphere of Spruce’s aesthetics + infusion bar. While a small portion of our clientele reports minor swelling and bruising, all of our clients are able to immediately return to their day after their filler appointment.

With this level of efficacy and safety, enhancing the volume of your jawline to provide a stronger, more angled look, or to accentuate the angles you’re already proud of is easy and safe. Through the use of fillers, a stronger foundation is possible, as is balancing asymmetry in the face to achieve balance. Say goodbye to the appearance of jowls, the effects of bone density loss, and worrying about your facial profile. Your stronger jawline, with glowing, radiant skin awaits.


Contact the expert medical personnel at Spruce today to plan your perfect jawline and rest easy knowing that your treatment is in the hands of professionals who are leading the way in Salt Lake City’s aesthetics movement.


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