Skin, Hair and Nails

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This powerful mixture of Biotin and Ascorbic Acid helps fortify nails and makes for healthier longer hair and well hydrated skin. Look your best from the inside out. We recommend a treatment every month for a lasting look.

Your skin, hair and nails are some of the first indicators of good or poor health in your body.

Maintaining your skin, nails and hair from the outside are regular parts of self-care and maintenance routines, but treating these three areas of the body is not always immediately thought of for internal efforts, which can have drastically positive results.

Using a mix of B7 (or Biotin) and Ascorbic Acid, our Skin, Hair and Nails IV Cocktail supports healthy growth and appearance to keep these sensitive areas full, and vibrant. Biotin is known to improve the hair’s keratin infrastructure for healthier, fuller hair, as well as improve nail strength and health while also keeping the skin looking full and smooth. We already know that Vitamin C promotes collagen synthesis in the skin, which repairs blemishes and fights photo-aging, but Vitamin C also helps your body absorb iron for a full and luxurious locks while also growing collagen in the nails, which keeps them strong.


Schedule your appointment for full absorption of these necessary vitamins at our upscale aesthetics + infusion bar, where IV drips are administered by our talented team of seasoned medical professionals. Need us to come to you? Our mobile services include IV therapies to ensure your treatment is convenient to your schedule.


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