Advanced Microneedling

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For a stronger approach on healing overall skin quality, microneedling with the added value of PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) brings an added boost to the already effective microneedling process.

If microneedling is the gold standard of skin treatment, microneedling with PRP is the platinum standard. With benefits for all skin types, microneedling already stimulates the body’s healing process to create more new skin tissue growth and collagen, which keeps the skin smooth and firm, and can also improve overall texture. Microneedling with PRP builds on that success with a stronger impact to tissue growth and collagen production and also to accelerate recovery time for faster results in the face.

Microneedling on its own treats the skin with a system of extremely fine, minute needles, applied directly to the face or body. The application of needles triggers the body's natural response, which is to create more collagen and new tissue to heal cuts, scars or other skin-deep injuries. While this can sound scary, microneedling is minimally invasive due to the tiny needles that create a shallow poke, just deep enough to trigger the body’s response. Additionally, this treatment requires no downtime, with clients being able to resume their day, with a minor chance of temporary redness.


To see fast-acting, noticeably visible results that are still minimally invasive, contact the team of medical professionals at Spruce today for healthier, radiant-looking skin with a series of regular appointments at our luxuriously well-appointed aesthetics + infusions bar.

Advanced Microneedling Service

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