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Say goodbye to those tell-tale forehead lines and wrinkles that can seem to add years to your appearance. With a precise application of Botox® or Dysport® from a certified medical professional at Spruce, your outside can return to matching the youthful energy inside. Addressing these lines with Botox® or Dysport®is an easy, low-impact but high reward answer to this common problem. Combined with a structured skincare routine of ZO®Skin Health, your wrinkle worries are over.

Perhaps the most well-known use of Botox® or Dysport® , a strategic injection to the temples noticeably smoothes horizontal lines and vertical wrinkles by minimizing the movement of the dermis on the forehead, which causes these lines to appear as the human face reacts and ages. The strategic placement of the injection ensures that your natural expressions and movement remain present, while also returning that taut, youthful, glowing skin with almost no recovery time. Gone are the days of Botox® parties where inexperienced injectors created frozen faces and stiff smiles. By using the most advanced technology and techniques, injections at Spruce appear genuinely natural. Treating your forehead lines is easily integrated into any care regimen, with follow-up treatments scheduled about every three months with our trained medical personnel.

If you’re ready for a natural-looking update to your forehead, a targeted Botox® or Dysport® treatment from Spruce is certainly the right approach. Our team of medical professionals uses and understands the latest technology and science behind Botox ® and Dysport ® treatments, allowing them to explain the process in full while answering any questions you may have.


Contact us to schedule your appointment at Spruce’s aesthetics + infusion bar for a rejuvenated you. With a host of services designed to help you curate your maximum you, booking your forehead line Botox® or Dysport® treatment also lets you conveniently combine treatments.


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