Marionette Lines

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Fighting the appearance of aging is challenging as-is. When naturally forming lines or wrinkles in the skin and face band together, they can create an unflattering effect that is not reflective of your beauty. Specifically, the culprit is strong lines referred to as Marionette Lines, which run from mouth to chin, creating what is colloquially referred to as “puppet face lines” that don’t reflect who you truly are on the inside or outside.

While Marionette Lines can be caused by gravity, aging and even genetics, they certainly aren’t invited to linger, and can be treated quickly through precise application of dermal fillers. Through the use of non-invasive dermal fillers that use a hyaluronic acid to plump skin and remove lines, a permanent frown removal is sure to make you smile. The hyaluronic acid inside of dermal fillers doesn’t just fill the folds of the skin, it actually works to provide continued hydration and stimulation to the body’s natural collagen, which helps repair skin to a healthy, taut texture that creates a more youthful appearance.

Our team of experienced aesthetic medical professionals are experienced in the strategic placement of dermal fillers, to maximize your treatment for ideal results. The best part? Dermal filler treatment doesn’t require a recovery period and your results are visible in just a few days. Although there is a minute chance of slight swelling in some clients, most of our clients are able to go about their day immediately after their appointment. With one of the longer dermal filler durations, Marionette Line fillers can last from six months to two years before your next treatment.


For reduced frown lines, schedule your appointment at Spruce’s professional and intimate, aesthetics + infusion bar for a consultation to discuss your ideal outcome, ask any questions you may have and relax as a seasoned medical professional ensures your successful treatment and return to a youthful appearance.


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