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At Spruce, we are pleased to offer a variety of services to help our clients bring life to their lashes with additional volume and color

Our lash services range from $30 to $195. Whether you’re looking to spruce up natural lashes or add eyelash extensions in Salt Lake City, we’re here to give you a great new look that will enhance your appearance and boost your confidence.

Enhancements for Natural Lashes

Simply want to enhance your natural eyelashes? We perform the following services:

Lash Tint ($30)

Tint your eyelashes to achieve darker and fuller looking lashes without having to apply mascara. This allows you to save time in your everyday routine and maintain a darker color in your lashes.

Eyelash tinting is an especially beneficial service for people who have naturally light lashes. The tint creates a dramatic difference and makes the eyes “pop” significantly more.

Lash Lift + Tint ($100)

Lash lifts give you some of the benefits of extensions but without the reliance on fake lashes. Think of a lash lift as a perm for the eyelashes.

Lash lifts allow you to customize and enhance the shape and color of natural lashes. Most people see lashes grow out rather than up. By lifting those lashes to point them upward, it provides a more aesthetically pleasing appearance and helps add volume.

When performing lash lifts, we add in tinting to further enhance the appearance of the your lashes and make them stand out even more.

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Looking for natural lash lifts and tints or eyelash extensions in Salt Lake City? Place your trust in the talented team at Spruce to help you achieve a stunning result.


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