Athletic Performance

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These pre and post-race IV’s are designed with the competitive athlete in mind. Get ready to take your training to a whole new level and recover faster than ever before.

Every athlete knows that training is imperative to performance success, it’s how you prepare pre- and post- training or competition that ultimately sets the tone for your victory.

Prepare to conquer on the field, track, ring, gym or anywhere else your competition takes place. Spruce offers both pre- and post-race or training infusion therapies with ingredients that are suited to energize or recover. Your hard work deserves support that takes great to excellent and good to personal bests or podium-quality results. Harnessing the effects of vitamins and nutrients is sure to give you the edge to elevate and dominate in your arena.

The market is saturated with pre- and post-workout products that come in mysterious gels, powders or fluorescent colors, but none of them deliver the same direct transfer that IVs do. Our Athletic Performance cocktails provide direct, absolute absorption by your body, meaning that you receive 100% of the benefits of 100% of the nutrients that are in your cocktail for the most efficient intake and output.


Book your appointment today for a clear solution to a medal and victory-worthy regimen that empowers your next training session, workout, performance or competitive event. Our team of medical experts understands that each sport, event and pre- and post- routines require a different approach, which they deliver from our well-appointed aesthetics + infusion bar or through our mobile services at your home or on location.


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