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Are you fearful of viral infections such as the flu, coronavirus and common colds? Don’t let it get you down. This powerful blend of immune-boosting vitamins, essential trace minerals and antioxidants is proven to keep your immune system at its peak. We recommend monthly treatments and additional treatments in times of heavy travel or extreme stress. Learn more about Immune Boost IV Therapy.

Nobody likes being ill or feeling under the weather.

With today’s health concerns, including the coronavirus pandemic, taking care of your body is of the utmost importance. Having a healthy immune system ensures that you don’t have to get ready - because you stay ready with a strong immune system that acts as a barrier to outside elements.

Avoid the symptoms of infections, such as the common cold, flu and even symptoms that are shared with the coronavirus. Our robust cocktail of immune-boosting vitamins, minerals and ever-relevant antioxidants is a sure way to keep your body and immune system operating at peak capacity. Your body already functions at high levels. Elevate what your natural defenses are capable of with this boost.

Our IV infusions offer complete and total absorption of effective trace minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants, meaning that your system receives the positive effects with no dilution for maximum benefit of these quality ingredients.


Book your appointment today to get ahead of the arduous cold season, or lock in a regularly scheduled monthly visit to our premier aesthetics + infusion bar with our industry-respected medical personnel to maintain and bolster your natural defenses so that illness, stress or even heavy travel never keep you out of commission. Can’t make it in? Our team is mobile, meaning we can bring this immunity boosting cocktail to you!

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Offering immune boost IV therapy in Salt Lake City, Holladay & Surrounding Areas.


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