Altitude Sickness Relief

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When traveling to higher altitudes, symptoms like fatigue, headache or difficulty sleeping can bring you down. Avoid this with our IV that includes a mixture of intravenous electrolytes, diuretic, corticosteroid, and anti-nauseant. Recommend treatment before and during times at higher altitude.

Being on top of the world shouldn’t make you feel low.

Traveling to higher altitudes can often trigger a negative effect on travelers who are unused to the thinner atmosphere or who have a natural predisposition to illness at thinner oxygen levels. That reaction doesn’t have to be the case. With symptoms that include fatigue, headaches, or even difficulty sleeping through the night, altitude sickness can severely restrict your time in locations with high altitude.

Fortunately, our team has an IV Drip that combats those symptoms through a mix of electrolytes, diuretic, corticosteroid as well as an anti-nauseant. High elevations can expedite hydration usage, leading to symptoms of dehydration, which is where electrolytes come in, since they have advanced hydration properties while diuretic elements rid the body of compounds that are made in excess at high altitudes. Corticosteroids have also been shown to reduce effects of higher altitudes by boosting naturally occurring hormones in the body and the anti-nauseant resolves the most immediate and severe reactions.

Ready for the relief that allows you to truly feel and be elevated? Book your appointment today at Spruce for pre- and post-trip treatment, or to find relief while you’re visiting Salt Lake City. Our refined and soothing aesthetics + infusion bar provides the ultimate atmosphere for treatment, and our staff of trained medical personnel is also mobile for your convenience.


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