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Who doesn’t want luscious, kissable-looking lips? Suffering through naturally thin and uninviting lips is fast becoming a thing of the past, and you deserve to have your lips feel and look exactly how you want.

Through the use of dermal fillers, fuller lips, with more volume, are a treatment away. Dermal fillers work through a small injection to the site where more volume is desired. These injections, composed of hyaluronic acid, not only add more body to your lips, but also naturally hydrate the skin in and around the lips and smooth vertical lines. Because hyaluronic acid occurs naturally in the body, it assimilates safely with the body while also providing the moisture that feeds the skin. Enhancing your natural lips can also provide positive side-effects to enhance your smile for a picture-perfect look at any time.

With results that are immediately visible, providing more body and allure to your lips is simple and safe. While a small segment of clients report minimal swelling or bruising for a few hours after the treatment, there is no downtime or recovery needed, so you can return to your day immediately after your treatment. Additionally, dermal fillers last for a few months, so small return visits can be easily scheduled every four to six months, helping to maintain your fresh look and confidence for years and smiles to come.

Our team of trained experts have provided dermal fillers of all kinds and are here to provide guidance, assurance and make sure that all your questions are answered during your consultation. With years of experience at top-tier institutions and now at Spruce, your confidence and beauty are in good hands from start to finish.


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