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While other parts of the face may receive a bit more attention, the chin has the opportunity to truly define the face. With the rise in selfies, where the chin makes a prominent appearance, having a well-defined chin line can have significant impact in front of the lens and beyond.

With time, bone loss is natural, and the chin is one of the more noticeable locations for jawbone shrinkage. To achieve the ideal chin shape or to minimize the effects of aging, dermal fillers in the chin can be a highly beneficial and efficient solution.

Our trained team of medical professionals are true experts in natural-looking, but still impressive results for all types and locations of dermal fillers. This expertise is why our treatment starts with a consultation to make sure that your questions, concerns and goals are addressed and you feel comfortable moving forward.

By strategically placing the gel-like filler of hyaluronic acid in precise locations on the chin, the exact shape and profile you desire is readily achievable. Dermal fillers also benefit the skin on the face by tapping into the naturally beneficial components of hyaluronic acid. Since this acid forms naturally in the dermis, or skin, it contributes to the hydration of your face, which plumps the skin, decreasing wrinkles and lines, while also giving that much sought-after glow.

After your treatment, some clients do experience some slight swelling and bruising around the injection site for a few hours, but results are swift and the overall downtime is none. The best part? These fillers can last up to a year, making maintenance simple and convenient for your schedule.


To achieve the chin of your dreams, a dermal filler treatment, administered by trained experts at Spruce’s luxurious aesthetics + infusion bar is just a few simple steps away. Contact us today for your consultation and treatment for the strong chin you deserve.


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