2006 E 3900 S, Suite 1. Holladay, UT 84124
2006 E 3900 S, Suite 1. Holladay, UT 84124

Get ready to look and feel your best with botulinum toxin injection services at Spruce! These innovative treatments relax muscles to effectively reduce wrinkles, give your lips a fuller look, or even treat migraine headaches. We use the most widely preferred brands of neurotoxins for these injections, which are quick, easy, non-invasive treatments that require no downtime - you can even fit it in during your lunch break!

If you want to reduce wrinkles for a younger look, or prevent wrinkles from appearing as you age, book your appointment with Spruce today. We offer free consultations to help you determine which of the following services will give you the look you desire.


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    Lip Flip

    The lip flip is a safe and effective treatment at Spruce that relaxes the muscles around the lip to flip it outward, producing a fuller, plumper look.

    Forehead Lines

    Reduce the signs of aging with injections for forehead lines. This service targets the forehead area to reduce and prevent wrinkles, leaving you with a youthful appearance.

    Crow’s Feet

    The Crow’s Feet service at Spruce targets the corner of the eyes to reduce wrinkles caused by smiling or laughing throughout the years. This is an easy way to look younger and wrinkle-free.

    Brow Lift

    A brow lift is a quick service that relaxes the muscles around the brow. This helps give your brows the optimal shape to define your face and reduces wrinkles caused by a furrowed brow to keep you looking good at all times.


    Smooth the lines and wrinkles in your chin to define your face in a sleek way. Chin lines are often deeper and well developed, but you can achieve smooth and younger-looking skin with chin injections at Spruce.

    Down Turned Mouth

    If you have a naturally down-turned mouth, neurotoxin injections can help transform your resting face by relaxing the muscles around your mouth. Improve your appearance and smile at Spruce.


    The space between your eyebrows on your forehead oftentimes carries deep lines from concentration or frustration, but these lines can be removed with a quick and easy Glabella injection at Spruce.

    Gummy Smile

    If your smile shows more of your gums than you'd prefer, Spruce can help with a pinpoint neurotoxin injection. By relaxing the muscles around your mouth, you can leave with confidence and achieve a smile that will make you smile.

    Headache Relief

    Not only do the most popular neurotoxins reduce wrinkles, but they also provide a solution for migraines and headache relief. By relaxing the muscles in the head, botulinum toxin targets pain signals and stops them from reaching the nerve endings that cause headaches.

    TMJ Relief

    If you suffer from jaw pain and TMJ, neurotoxins can help. This quick treatment targets the muscles where the pain starts to prevent pain and jaw clenching, and provide relief within two weeks.


    Neurotoxins aren't just used on the face. These treatments can also be used to effectively reduce sweating in areas that produce excess sweat.

    The Ultimate Facelift

    For a full upgrade to your appearance, ask Spruce about our Ultimate Facelift. This service combines neurotoxins and dermal fillers to reduce wrinkles and add definition where needed. This method is completely unique to your face to give you the look you're striving for.

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